My Unbelievable School

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For some reason, every time something unbelievable seems to happen in the school of Henry and Ali.

The school’s principal smells like cotton candy? Didn’t you know she’s a fairy who loves magic and bakery? And the librarian? He’s a nearsighted dragon! Not to talk about the Art teacher, she’s the one who inspired the famous painter Picasso in his Cubist period…

In every episode, Henry and Ali will find themselves in a weird, whimsical and completely unbelievable situation, and there will be some weird, whimsical and
completely unbelievable adventure to live!

So unbelievable that… did it actually really happen or not?

This is a series about the daily life at school, with all the fun of being among friends and the wonder of discovering new facts everyday but also about the boredom of staying seated at the desk for long hours, the will to escape from some difficult situations, growing up and – most of all – friendship and

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