Project Description


For Tobia that day was just another day, in which his life flowed quietly and without any big surprise.
For Maura that day was just another day, that is, the perfect day to make disasters!
For both of them that day was the day when their lives would change, because by an “accident” they ended up doing community service at Villa Paradiso, with the task of taking care of the dear old folks residing at the hospice.
Too bad no one told them that the “dear old folks” were … MONSTERS!!! Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, the swamp monster, a werewolf and many others are the guests of Villa Paradiso that Tobia and Maura will have to take care of. Very busy days await them, massaging pieces (literally!) of Lady Frankenstein’s body and polishing Dracula’s dentures.

This project, created by Caterina Cappelli, was the winner of the WHAT A CARTOONIST! contest promoted by Cartoon Network Italy.